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CPA Excellence: Ethics ETHICS01
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Experience a new way to fulfill your ethics requirement. This new online interactive course provides an overview of ethics for CPAs, touching on both behavioral and regulatory issues.  Throughout this course, you will explore stories, scenarios and case studies from the real word, then reference your own experience, previous education and the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct to determine how to answer the discussion questions to advance to the next level. 

Credit hours: 
Yellow Book? No       Hands On? No       New Course? No
Highlights: This on demand option for flexible ethics education gives you a chance to participate by sharing your answers and learning not only from the course content but also from the answers of your CPA peers taking the class. Even better…You can enjoy a social learning experience on your own schedule, in the comfort of your home or office. Please plan accordingly: On average this course takes 4 hours to complete and you have 90 days from purchase to complete it.
Objective:  Upon completion of this course you will be able to develop practical and logical methods for approaching difficult ethical dilemmas throughout your career.
Who should attend: Any CPA licensed in Indiana who is interested in a new way to fulfill their ethics requirement.
Event level: Intermediate
Required knowledge: None
Field of study: Ethics
Advanced prep? None
Comments: This online course is not a traditional self-study or webinar course that qualifies for hours-based CPE. CPAs outside of Indiana should refer to their individual state licensing board for final approval on whether or not this course counts for CPE. For Indiana details, continue reading.

CPAs with a current, active license in the State of Indiana must read before purchasing:

  • As a reminder, completion of a competency-based Ethics course fulfills your Ethics requirement for renewal in the State of Indiana per 872 IAC 1-3-3 Renewal of Certificate.
  • You will have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete this course. Participants who fail to complete the course within the 90-day time frame are not eligible for a refund of course fees.
  • Participants must provide thoughtful comments and responses throughout the course as required. Comments and responses are subject to internal and external reviewer. Participants lacking appropriate feedback may have digital badge and completion confirmation revoked.
  • Participants must complete the course survey upon completion of course.

  • Note: Upon completion of this course, participant will be issued a completion confirmation and a digital badge.

    Purchase of this course is nonrefundable.

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