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CPA Excellence: Critical Thinking Skills CCTSK
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The aim of the course is to provide an overview of what critical thinking looks like, why it is important and the techniques that can be used to improve your critical thinking ability. In this course you will: Gain access to practical tools that will improve results and impact in your workplace, participate in exercises that will prompt reflection upon your current abilities and opportunities to further your professional development and demonstrate the use of critical thinking tools such as the Simplex model and the Six Hats approach.
The learner will understand how to identify the type of question they are facing and the steps by which to practically approach a problem in the workplace. The learner will also be able to bring to bear a framework to assist others in developing their critical thinking skills, which should assist in developing colleagues, as well as improving the return/impact for the firm’s clients.
This online course is not a traditional self-study or webinar course as defined by NASBA. CPAs outside of Indiana should refer to their individual state licensing board for final approval on whether or not this course counts for CPE. For Indiana details, continue reading.

CPAs with a current, active license in the State of Indiana must read before purchasing:

By purchasing this course as a current, active licensee in the State of Indiana, you agree to the following:

• Participation in the pilot program* is limited to CPAs with a current, active license in the State of Indiana.
• Licensee authorizes the Indiana CPA Society to submit a request for waiver of 8 CPE hours under Indiana Code – IC 25-1-4-4 – on licensee’s behalf to Indiana Board of Accountancy.
• The maximum number of CPE hours eligible for waiver under IC 25-1-4-4 is 8 hours per course (maximum 16 CPE hours in the current reporting period).
• To personally complete course within 90 days of starting and no later than December 31, 2020 to earn related waiver of CPE credit hours. Participants who fail to complete the course within the 90-day time frame are not eligible for a refund of course fees or waiver of CPE credit hours.
• To provide thoughtful comments and responses throughout the course as required. Comments and responses are subject to internal and external reviewer. Participants lacking appropriate feedback may have CPE waiver revoked.
• To complete the course survey upon completion of course.
• Information from the pilot program may be used in the development of future competency-based projects.

Note: Upon completion of this course, participant will be issued a digital badge.

Purchase of this course is nonrefundable.
Credit hours:  8.00
Yellow Book? No       Hands On? No       New Course? No
  • To define and provide examples of critical thinking
  • To provide a framework for critical thinking and problem solving that can be used by you in your firm
  • To provide practical methods for stimulating critical thinking in others
  • To understand the importance of curiosity and the impact of bias in workplace problem solving activities
Who should attend: CPAs who want to improve their vital business success skills while engaging in this new learning style!
Event level: Intermediate
Required knowledge: None
Field of study: Management
Advanced prep? None


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  • FlexPass CCTSK - 8.00 Points
  • Registration Fee CCTSK - $129.00


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